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Defend your castle in real-time

Defender is a castle defense game that requires players to defend against incoming enemies in real-time.

At the start of Defender, players guide the castle defenses against oncoming waves. It is only required to aim and the castle fires arrows. Defender also includes magic spells to defeat multiple enemies with area damage or effects.

The game does not contain a lot of animation and is mainly a static background with most action being enemies coming towards the castle or the magic animation. The simple visuals work for Defender because it directs the attention of the player towards defeating various enemy types.

Defender also includes upgrades to castle defenses and leveling the spells in the game for greater enemy damage or defense points. Defender is not much different from other defense games, but contains a higher level of polish.

While Defender might not vastly improve the tower and castle defense genres, it is a solid game. Defender occasionally falls foul to the repetitive nature of the defense game genre, and can lose interest quickly.

Defender is a good castle defense game, but does not present anything new.

Fixes freeze problem on some devices like Samsung Galaxy 2


  • Fixes freeze problem on some devices like Samsung Galaxy 2


  • Solid gameplay


  • Repetitive
  • Takes a long time to level up


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Defender 1.1.9 for Android


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